The Boondocks Season 4: Episode 1 “Pretty Boy Flizzy” Review



With the return of The Boondocks to Adult Swim, I’ve decided that I will do something that I haven’t done before. I’ll be reviewing every episode in the current season of The Boondocks a day or two after it airs. Starting off, is the premiere of the fourth season: “Pretty Boy Flizzy”.

*Warning: Spoilers Are Below*

The Boondocks: Season 4 Opening

Firstly, I’d like to mention that I was expecting this episode to be a little disappointing. As a long time Boondocks fan, the news that Aaron McGruder wasn’t involved in the production of the fourth season left me a little confused and worried about the show’s well-being.  Luckily, instead of the disaster that I thought I’d see, I saw a funny episode that reminded me of why I had enjoyed The Boondocks in the past.


Pretty Boy Flizzy

The episode revolves around everyone’s favorite defense attorney from Woodcrest, Tom Dubois and his defense of fictional R & B singer Pretty Boy Flizzy.  I was a little surprised that this season’s show started with an episode starring Tom instead of the Freeman family, but the idea didn’t bother me too much.

It didn’t take long for the viewer to realize that Flizzy was a spoof of Chris Brown, which I found absolutely hilarious.  His girlfriend’s name even was a mixture of Chris and Rihanna which made it even more apparent. This parody which was done in classic Boondocks fashion, restored a lot of my hope in this season.  Flizzy,  has been accused of robbery and remembering the R. Kelly case (from “The Trial of R. Kelly” in Season 1) decided that Tom would be perfect to defend him. He also says that he’ll help Tom with his relationship issues. Ironically, Tom was the prosecutor in the R. Kelly case and not the defense attorney.

Tom, like he has in seasons past, is having relationship problems with his wife Sara.  After taking the case, things only get more strained as Tom is certain that Flizzy wants his wife and that Sara wants to meet him to “do him”. The R & B artist’s music (namely “I Will Do Your Wife” and “White Wife Booty”) and and general demeanor doesn’t help the situation.  After a dinner gone wrong and Tom spending a wild night hanging with Flizzy, Tom reviews the robbery footage and discovers that the whole robbery is nothing more than an elaborate lie.  Tom confronts Flizzy with the news, and the singer insinuates that he’s going to take his wife and his family.  After Tom seemingly could take no more and got into a fight with Flizzy, the star is taken off by Uncle Ruckus and winks as he’s being forced away.  It’s safe to assume that he angered Tom on purpose so that he can impress his wife by being aggressive.  Afterwards, everything seems well in the Dubois household as Tom and his wife are back on good terms.

While this episode had some comedic points and continuity with the previous seasons, I felt that it wasn’t the right episode to premiere the fourth season.  As a stated earlier in this review, an episode featuring the Freeman family would be more suitable. The Freeman family were barely shown at all in this episode which was a little off-setting.  The result was that I was left looking for more of the actual feel of The Boondocks.  A not so impactful start for the final season of The Boondocks, but a start nonetheless.

Positives and Negatives

+ The parody Pretty Boy Flizzy character was done in classic Boondocks fashion and was pretty funny.

+ Nice to see some continuity with the mentioning of the R. Kelly trial and Tom and Sara still having the apparent marital tension they’ve had in the past.

– Very little appearance by the Freeman family.

– The episode doesn’t seem like an episode that would be a fitting season premiere.




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